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Year 5

Autumn 1 - Mission to Mars

One day, humans may need to leave Earth and settle on another planet. Mars is our most likely destination – a world that we believe once harboured life and, with our intervention, may do so again in the future.


Autumn 2 - Space Scientists (new for 2023)

We will be learning about Earth, the planet we all call home: its relationship with the Sun and Moon; what it is made of, and how our understanding of the solar system has changed over time. Is earth the best planet for human survival? Why? We will be scientists, historians, designers and artists to understand more about the planet where we live. What do you think makes our planet special?


Spring- The Great, The Bold and The Brave

The history of western civilisation begins with the Greeks and the Romans. Their expanding empires helped to spread ideas about architecture, food, entertainment, literature, science, medicine and politics across the globe. As their empires ended, other cultures rose to prominence, absorbing and passing on their own ideas and cultures – creating the world we know today.


Summer 1 - Weather and Climate

Differences in weather and climate affect our lives and our lifestyles. We cannot control our weather and climate, but they can control us - influencing where we live, what we can do, what we wear, even what we eat! In this unit we will be finding out about the differences between weather and climate, and the important role they play in the lives of everyone on the planet.


Summer 2 - The Holiday Show

We will be learning about our responsibilities as tourists, and the impact that our choice of holiday and travel destination can have on the human and physical environment. We will need to be geographers to compare and contrast countries as tourist destinations. What are the positive and negative impacts of tourism on different places in the world?