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Who's Who

Senior Leadership Team

Senior Leadership Team  
Regional Director Mrs Sarah Hunter
Head Teacher and DSL Mrs Melody Berthoud
Deputy Head and DDSL Mr James Looker
Deputy Head and DDSL Mrs Cathy Kinsley
Assistant Head, EYFS Lead and DDSL Ms Katy Norman
Assistant Head, SENDCo and DDSL Miss Stef Maher
Assistant Head, Year 6 teacher Ms Sarah-Kay Fizul


Teaching Staff  

Miss Norman

Mrs Nelms

R Nightingale 

Miss Skinner

Ms Plows

R Seacole

Mrs Belgrave

Mrs Gretton

1 Bell

Miss Aden

Mrs Gretton

1 Latimer

Miss Patel

Mrs Shkembi

2 Kahlo

Miss Smith

Mrs Blewett

2 Wiltshire

Miss Akther

Mrs Boyd/Mrs Najeeb/Mrs Anderson

3 Weir

Mrs Madhu

Mrs Boyd/Mrs Najeeb/Mrs Anderson

3 Mandela

Miss Howard

Mrs Baillie

4 Singh 

Mrs Brown

Mrs Baillie

4 Yousafzai

Miss Anderson

Mrs Gleig/Mrs Anderson

5 Earhart

Miss Fay

Mrs Gleig/Mrs Anderson

5 Sharman

Miss Keresey

Mrs Finch

6 Stormzy

Ms Fizul (MAT leave)

Mrs Finch

6 Boseman
Mr Mullin

Specialist PE Teacher

Monday to Friday 

Croydon Music Service

Mr Ben Tranter

Specialist Music Teacher


Mrs Rogers

Specialist Art Teacher

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

Mrs Bashir

Specialist Computing Teacher

Monday and Wednesday


Enhanced Learning  - Darwin

Mr Miller - ELP Lead and Teacher

Mrs Mehmet  - Teacher

Mrs Pedicini -  TA

Miss Ezekiel - TA

Mrs Robinson - TA

Mrs Runc - TA


Office Staff Facilities Team
Mrs Oni - School Business Manager Mr Andrew Baillie
Mrs Campbell - Attendance & Admissions Officer and admin  
Mrs Stringer - Mini bus driver and Admin  
Mrs Fretwell - HR Manager and admin